The Humane Society of Oldham County expanding services, looks to continue inmate dog training program

2019-06-27 Sampson was trained by Benson and inmates at the Kentucky State Reformatory. The Camp K-9 program pairs dogs with those with physical challenges. Read on…

Shane and Samson

2019-06-15 This is the first introduction of Service Dog Samson, a Humane Society of Oldham County rescue, to his new friend Shane.  Shane was afflicted by AFM two years ago. Samson was initially trained by the Camp K9 program in Kentucky State Reformatory.  Samson was then released for service dog training to Dave the Dogman.  From an ordinary rescue dog to an extraordinary service dog! We look forward to watching these two transform together.

Helping Veterans Heal with Dogs

2018-08-17 Tommy, a young German shepherd, stares at the closed bedroom door, ears up like two exclamation points. From the living room of the compact home in Tompkinsville, Kentucky, just north of the Tennessee border, Wendy Dickens asks, “Is he over by that door?” She gets up from the black leather couch and sees Tommy at the end of the hall. Read on